The Salamander Reservoir

A patented, real-time monitoring solution that alerts to compromises in wet and dry life safety fire sprinkler systems to prevent system failure.

Connecting and protecting the life safety systems that protect people and property.

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The Salamander Solution: Protection by Connection

Salamander has been a great help to my facility. Installation was easy and the application easily communicated the necessary information back to me. The ability to monitor these devices in real time is an unparalleled benefit to me and my team – saving us countless hours of investigating, potential cleanup, and most importantly repair cost.

These products are made with a high-quality experience in mind and dealing with the JTJ team is one of the best experiences I have had in a long time.

Donnell Chandler

Lead Engineer

In my professional opinion, as both the Fire Marshal and Building Code Official, the Salamander solution was an intriguing, innovative way to address an issue for the fire sprinkler industry: freeze-related system failures.

I found the system performance to be impressive. The data collected by your system, along with the technology used to transmit the data, clearly provides a fire protection system owner with a powerful tool to be used to protect systems from freeze-related compromise or damage

The addition of the design professional’s seal on the Salamander Reservoir’s engineered drawings provides an added level of validity to your system’s design.

I look forward to seeing this system prevent future fire sprinkler system failures.

John Frantz, CFEI, BCO

Fire Marshal and Building Code Official

John Frantz

The Salamander Reservoir is a great product! I love how easy it is to use the app. The real time text and email alerts are all great (battery trouble, temperature alarms, water in our drum drips, etc…).

The products are very easy to install – our sprinkler company was in and out the door very quickly. The back-end is so easy to manage and install, too: just plug it in and walk away!!

Working with the JTJ Tech team is amazing. Whenever we have a question, we know that you’re just a phone call or email away… 

Ino Rivera

Chief Engineer

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The Salamander Reservoir gives us that piece of mind to prevent an emergency or disaster situation. Monitoring our sprinkler systems across our buildings’ high-risk areas gives our staff a very simple alert: if the temperature drops below the degree setting, our staff can investigate in a timely manner to avoid any larger problems.

Louis Day

Director of Maintenance Operations

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We have been very pleased with the Salamander Reservoir solution and technology. It has proven itself time and time again. The scalability potential is huge and offers multiple installation using one main hub.

Shane McElravy

Project Manager

The Salamander is working beautifully and doing everything we need it to do. We are finally capturing real time information on an area that has historically been an issue throughout the winters.

Rick O’Leary

Director of Facilities, Grounds Manager

The Salamander Reservoir isn’t just about protecting pipes; it’s about safeguarding lives and securing valuable assets. Our unique, patented, solution shields against catastrophe: giving property owners and managers unparalleled real-time assurance knowing their people and property are protected.

Jonathan Epstein


JTJ Tech and the Salamander Reservoir

Jonathan Epstein, Salamander in Chief

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