“Nothing is certain except death and taxes” -Benjamin Franklin Ahh, but he didn’t have real time […]
Hey #FacilityManagers, wouldn’t you look like a hero managing #distressed or remote properties with real time […]
Salamander Control System: Water Detected (text alert)
Staying connected is so important: both with friends and family. But, is it important to stay […]
Fast Company
“Maybe an electric or air conditioning system was put into a different mode for maintenance, and […]
March 16: Everything You Do Is Right Day. So, don’t today up by not connecting and […]
According to #Propmodo,”If other buildings were to follow this model of more precisely tracking when and […]
According to an article in #Propmodo, Joe Biden wants to reduce greenhouse gases by 50%, and […]
could be your vacant building (or vacant space) sucking unneeded energy and running up your utility […]
Myth: “Sprinklers are designed to protect property, but are not effective for life safety.” Fact: Sprinklers […]
from #Propmodo: “‘Electricity 4.0’ Will Change Buildings Forever “More than half of existing US buildings were […]