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Buildings Magazine MastheadIn an article from Buildings magazine entitled, “Data-Driven Strategy: Why Predictive Maintenance Makes Sense For Healthy Buildings,” (Jan/Feb, 2023), Brian Cline writes about the benefits of IoT (Internet of Things) Sensors.

“All buildings are unique, and many issues go undetected in scheduled maintenance… This ultimately reduces the impact of downed equipment, including the cost and disruption to facility managers and occupants.

“The real differentiator between predictive and preventative maintenance is that the former uses a real-time, data-driven approach specific to the actual condition of the equipment. … Predictive maintenance anticipates problems based on data, allowing action to be taken to prevent equipment malfunctions”

At JTJ Tech, when we use the term “protection by connection,” – it’s not just a platitude. It’s because we know that using a data-driven approach does allow action to be taken to prevent equipment malfunctions before systems fail placing people and property at risk of  Pipe Freeze, Discharge, System Repair, Downtime, Interruption, Remediation and Restoration.