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Buildings Magazine MastheadIn an article from Buildings magazine entitled, “Data-Driven Strategy: Why Predictive Maintenance Makes Sense For Healthy Buildings,” (Jan/Feb, 2023), Brian Cline writes about the benefits of predictive maintenance.

“System maintenance should be performed when specific indicators show signs of decreasing performance, increasing energy usage or impending failure. Predictive maintenance can detect when things go wrong before anyone notices – and before repair and operational costs escalate. It can pinpoint the root cause of issues, easing their diagnosis and repair, and reduce second visits. …

“Predictive maintenance helps determine the exact nature of the issue and assists in dispatching the right technician with the correct information and parts. Other benefits of predictive maintenance include the following:

  • Decrease in total time to resolution
  • Decrease in risk of major malfunctions
  • Increase in direct fixes, as problems are caught in the earliest stages
  • Decrease in downtime, delays and disruption
  • More accurate allocation of maintenance budget and resources
  • Better equipment performance and longer equipment lifespan
  • Decrease in maintenance costs
  • Improved energy efficiency

“The best way to get building data is through IoT sensors…”

That’s a very compelling reason to use IoT solutions like the Salamander Reservoir to help alert to problems before you get alerted to failures!