Salamander with lightbulb
The biggest problems present the biggest opportunities” – Ankur Jain  
“Properties can have more than 30 different tech systems and vendors, complicating an already complex ecosystem. […]
Salamander with lightbulb
Here’s a piece of wisdom from one of my favorite books: “As I rode the bus […]
Salamander with Fireworks
Salamander Saturday is taking place on Saturday, May 4. This initiative was started by the Foundation […]
Salamander and the planet Earth
Protect her at all costs. Happy Earth Day!
According to survey respondents, energy management ranks at the top of the priority list for properties. […]
Salamander with lightbulb
“The person you are becoming is more important than the person you have been.” – Alex […]
Times Square
if you had a billboard in Times Square that everyone could see, what would you put […]
Salamander with lightbulb
Inspiration from The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson in the chapter entitled ‘Master the Mundane’: “The […]
Salamander with lightbulb
“We should all search for excellence; never perfection. If you look for perfection, you won’t take […]