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Take another little piece of my heart!

The folks at Salamander wanted to remind you that today is both Valentine's Day and National Organ Donation Day. Please make sure you know who you're giving your heart to... literally and figuratively! ❤️ xo ❤️ It's easy to register to become an organ donor at: ... Continue Reading
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Facing the Decarbonization Challenge

"There's a lot of pressure at the municipal level," says Henry Chamberlain, president and chief operating officer of BOMA International. "But our focus has always been on making the business case for sustainability, in all of its forms." He notes that focus is often at offs with broad-brush city and state mandates that can levy heavy taxes or fines for compliance failures. The irony is that "that money could be better spent invested in the ... Continue Reading
PropTech's Golden Age

Proptech’s Golden Age (4 of 4)

...but don't continue to take our word for it, hear from an expert: "The most proactive companies are pursuing multiple business strategies to stay ahead of change and innovation made possible by technology, and to identify and access optimal technological solutions as they become available." from Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine (Spring, 2022). Hey, property managers, facility managers and operations managers - if you were waiting for a sign to move forward with optimal technological solutions ... Continue Reading
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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Year of the Rabbit

...I think someone is excited for #yearoftherabbit! ... Continue Reading
PropTech's Golden Age

Proptech’s Golden Age (3 of 4)

...but don't continue to take our word for it, hear from an expert: " 'Manual, trailing data processes were historically sufficient to manage commercial real estate investments and operations.' But during the pandemic, property managers had to suddenly deal with immediate challenges, like buildings that were running at a 20-percent occupancy level. Multifamily owners needed data on tenant movements and rent analysis. Investment and asset managers, says Frank Spadafora, real estate principal at DealCloud by ... Continue Reading
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Podcast Recommendations…

Looking to add more mental fitness this year and am looking for podcast recommendations... got one you like? ... Continue Reading
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Happy New Year!

Wishing you a very happy new year! May you be Connected and Protected all year round! ... Continue Reading
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How’d you do this year?

if you were a Nice property manager. this year, I hope you got some Salamander Reservoirs in your stockings. If you were naughty, there's still time to redeem your property with a Salamander Reservoir today! ... Continue Reading
Salamander: Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Happy first day of winter! Make sure your systems are protected and connected with a Salamander Reservoir! ... Continue Reading
Salamander Dry System Venn LG

dry fire sprinkler system venn diagram

Basically, Dry Fire Sprinkler systems are designed for areas that need to be sprinklered, but cannot have water-filled pipes (like commercial freezers, parking garages, etc), which isn't a problem by itself. Most have compressed air that pressurizes these vulnerable sections and the pressurized water is kept in a safe (i.e. protected / warm) area separated by a Dry Pipe Valve. The continuous injection of compressed air creates condensation inside the pipes, which isn't a problem ... Continue Reading
Advice from Adam Ross

Wednesday Wisdom Worth Repeating with Adam Ross

'"Over bloody marys at a Sunday brunch, it just hit me: Something like this absolutely needs to exist! It seemed so obvious at that moment - people need, and deserve, a much better option than what currently exists in the market, so I thought, 'I'll be the person to change this.' " -Adam Ross, Founder and CEO of Heyday skincare what's your Eureka moment? ... Continue Reading
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amidst the chaos of this year, please remember that we all have much to be thankful for! Gratitude Changes Everything ... Continue Reading