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Property owners and managers use an industry-standard acronym FACES: Function, Aesthetics, Cost, Environment, and Safety against which new projects and initiatives and should be measured. For an honest evaluation of The Salamander Reservoir, let’s continue the ‘E’ Word: Environment.

Environment is a pretty broad term nowadays, but let’s ‘think big’ and put The Salamander Reservoir in the context of our planet. According to an article in #Propmodo, Joe Biden wants to reduce greenhouse gases by 50%, and is targeting commercial real estate. “America’s 125 million residential and commercial buildings use more energy than any other sector in the United States, accounting for 40 percent of the Nation’s energy use and nearly 75 percent of its electricity consumption.”

If, by using a fraction less of utility costs to prevent unnecessary heating expenditures, building owners and managers can help to reduce save energy! The above scenario doesn’t even include the associated costs such as emissions from building engineers and service contractors to get to these properties.

The Salamander Reservoir Environment: * * * * * (out of 5)

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