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Yes!! In fact, in a article published in Buildings magazine, buildings “can also be part of the solution if building owners and managers take an active role in mitigating how building affect the climate…”

The article continues that, the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and Arc Skoru’s Dynamic LEED Plaque “follows a six-step process to improve performance with data

  • Measure baseline performance*
  • Conduct a gap analysis (where you are versus where you want to be)*
  • Develop a roadmap to get there*
  • Install data collection systems (submetering, regular occupant surveys, etc.)*
  • Establish policies/procedures to improve performance and maintain it*
  • Engage with occupants”


For all the *’s on that list, give a ✓ to the Salamander Reservoir and Control System. We don’t need to engage with the building’s occupants, but rest assured, our systems are helping to keep them safe and our world a little cooler!

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