Installation in a New or Existing

Dry Sprinkler System

after the dry pipe valve

Designed to be the first point of moisture detection in the dry portion of the system, potentially as a result of a compromise of the dry pipe valve.

before the Auxiliary drain

Designed to be the ahead of the auxiliary drain (drum drip) to detect moisture detection, potentially as a result of condensation in the system.

the salamander controller

The moisture probe inside the Salamander Reservoir integrates directly with the Salamander Controller to continually monitor the system’s moisture level.

The Controller uses the real-time data from within the system to alert to potential pipe freeze conditions before they happen.

If moisture is detected in a dry portion of the system…

moisture detected

The Salamander Controller begins a process for notification.


Notification to designated parties by SMS and e-mail. Notifications continue until issues have been resolved.