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According to their 2023 predictions, Enlighted, a smart buildings proptech company, looked at the technology imperatives to evolve across people, space, and work. Here are some interesting findings, regarding Building IoT (Internet of Things):

“This year we’ve seen fires, flooding, and record-breaking heat waves cross the globe, encouraging both the public and private sectors to reconsider how organizations approach climate change and sustainability. As a result, many businesses have committed to taking more immediate actions to cut emissions and improve energy consumption by 2025 and 2030.

“Sustainability projects are often the first projects to be stopped in an economic downturn. That’s short-term thinking. We need bold leaders to double down on sustainability and long-term growth strategies, emerging as the market leaders in the next business cycle.” – Stefan Schwab, CEO, Enlighted

Full article at: https://www.enlightedinc.com/download-2023-predictions/


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