The Salamander Solution: Protection by Connection

According to Community Association Underwriters of America, Inc. (CAU), one of the largest insurance providers in the United States,

  • A typical loss for a burst sprinkler pipe can involve two or more units and have an average repair cost exceeding $30,000 after the deductible. Nationwide, these losses account for hundreds of millions of dollars of unnecessary property damage each winter.
  • There are approximately 3,000 residential fire deaths each year. Statistics compiled by the National Fire Protection Association (#NFPA) conclude that the chance of dying in a home fire decreases by 80% when residential sprinklers are present.
  • Most residential sprinkler systems use 1” pipe, which, at a typical street pressure of 70 pounds per square inch (psi), will flow about 30 gallons per minute (gpm). In as little as fifteen minutes, almost 500 gallons of water will saturate the unit and adjoining units.

Isn’t it time we protect ourselves from that cost, damage and downtime? You can with a Salamander Reservoir!

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