Propmodo: IoT for HVAC Builds FM Heroes

Propmodo published an interesting article from Lauren Long about how IoT Builds Facility Management Heroes, citing specifically:

  1. “Collecting and Monitoring Data from IoT makes buildings more efficient and conserves energy”
  2. “IoT allows a building to evolve and self-upgrade by enabling the building to become dynamic based on real-time requirements”
  3. “IoT eliminates the need for expensive wiring and installation so that the price of the smart hardware is often no longer a variable when implementing an IoT network into existing system”
  4. Can simply implemented without disrupting the current infrastructure and enhancing operations, resulting in increased equipment lifetime and decreased maintenance”
  5. By integrating IoT fully into HVAC systems, energy usage can be more accurately detected and can the US can meet its (Paris Climate Accord) goals.


…for all of those reasons, and more, please #putasalamanderonthesystem! Don’t let the sprinkler room be an overlooked area for maintenance, efficiency and energy conservation! Our device works on new or existing wet and dry sprinkler systems.

full Propmodo article here: