The Workforce of the Future Starts With Today's Technology (Buildings Magazine)

This is a great article on page 12 of the the October, 2019 issue of Buildings Magazine, “The Workforce of the Future Starts with Today’s Technology: Connected buildings let you make decisions based on data, not assumptions…”

Great takeaways: “…with the latest building connectivity, cloud-based architectures and wireless and low-cost sensors, organizations can take advantage of a platform that provides data-driven insights to adapt the workspace they offer to meet the evolving needs of their workforce

Data is the Driver …in the past, facility managers simply walked around offices and visually tried to get a sense of how space was being used. That didn’t work.. Facility managers need a me comprehensive, holistic tool to be able to take action and avoid overpaying [..] wasting energy and other inefficiencies.”

All true. That’s why we designed the #SalamanderReservoir to use data from within wet and dry sprinkler systems to save lives and save money. Like the article says: make your decisions based on data, not assumptions!

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