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From #Propmodo: Worst Natural Gas Volatility Since 1996 Could Sting Property Owners by Nick Pipitone (February 7, 2022)

“Natural gas prices have been on a rollercoaster ride in recent days because of a deep freeze throughout parts of the U.S., including #Texas. #Bloomberg reports that one measure of natural gas volatility is at its highest since 1996. Tensions between #Ukraine and #Russia could further shock gas prices.

All of this is unwelcome news for property owners, as commercial buildings heavily rely on natural gas for space heating. A winter storm recently blanketed much of the central U.S. and reported blackouts are expanding in Texas, where some fear gas wells will freeze and power plants will go offline.

A U.S. government tally of gas inventories shows the biggest withdrawal since the Texas freeze-out in February 2021, as stored supplies remain 15 percent below the level from last year.”

So, be smart about heating and put a #Salamander in your system today! Your buildings will thank you for it!