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Buildings Magazine MastheadIn an article from Buildings magazine entitled, “Data-Driven Strategy: Why Predictive Maintenance Makes Sense For Healthy Buildings,” (Jan/Feb, 2023), Brian Cline writes about that Predictive Maintenance is the Future:

“A data-driven predictive maintenance plan can revolutionize how buildings function by replacing extraneous routine inspections and preventing equipment degradation. It allows for more proactive monitoring of system health, opportunities to optimize performance and robust decision-making overall. In addition, it prioritizes the impact of maintenance on performance, energy and comfort.”

“A mobile-first platform that features cutting-edge fault detection and diagnostics, machine learning, IoT devices, applications and user-friendly interfaces ensures that teams can take building maintenance to the next level.”

At JTJ Tech, our Salamander Reservoir offers that exact proactive monitoring of the your system’s health and prioritizes the impact of maintenance of life safety systems to protect people and property. We know that using a data-driven approach works prevent failures like Pipe Freeze, Discharge, System Repair, Downtime, Interruption, Remediation and Restoration.