IoT: Internet of Things

Excerpts from their 10 IoT Smart Building Trends to Watch Out for in 2019 article (full article here)

on connectivity within building systems:

“Many believe that Smart Buildings will provide greater connectivity in building systems. Certainly, buildings contain complex mechanical Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as control systems that can improve the comfort and productivity of building occupants. Smart Building technology can therefore provide the means for greater levels of integration between existing building systems. We expect that to increase as open standards continually pave the way. Smart Building technology will go far beyond those concepts, however.

Smart Buildings feature an amazing capacity to connect people with technology. Not only will Smart Building technology assist in facility management efforts, but Smart Building technology will also provide valuable insights to the use and enjoyment of the building spaces. Energy efficiency, building sustainability, and workforce management efforts will all benefit.”

I couldn’t have said it better, and it’s within reach. Let the patented Salamander Reservoir and Control System technology connect you with your buildings. Your tenants will thank you for it!