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Propmodo makes a case for a “Smart Building Stimulus Package” to reduce costs and improve health & wellness. It’s worth considering, and some of the thoughts this article includes the Sustainability Case:

  “Just like investment in renewable energy, s smart building stimulus has a strong sustainability story. Buildings consume about 40% of all energy in the U.S. and generate about 1/3 of all carbon emissions. […]

  “Research from the U.S. Department of Energy labs notes that technology for energy management can save 10-20% of total consumption … While it is difficult to quantity this benefit at scale, a stimulus investment in smart buildings would create a flywheel effect in which more data on productivity becomes available, pushing more building owners and operators to make subsequent investments.”  

Like our co-founder, Jim Seip is fond of saying, “in cars, fuel efficiency didn’t happen in one fell swoop. It took years of refining and slight improvements over time added up to increase overall efficiency. Installing a Salamander are ways to implement one thing to save a little more energy!

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