Our Story

The JTJ Tech, llc story is rooted in over five decades of collective expertise in commercial property ownership, management, and construction across the Eastern United States. Amidst our vigilant efforts to safeguard our sprinklered portfolio in cold climates, a persistent threat remained – pipe freeze.

Despite meticulous precautions, the idea of pipe freeze always haunted us. We would crank up the heat in our unoccupied spaces, attics, suites, and more, in our attempt to lower the risks of pipe freeze. We would incur time and travel costs by performing site visits, fueled by our collective ‘nervous energy,’ just to ensure our vulnerable areas were secure. Better to be safe than sorry, right…?

To keep life safety fire sprinkler systems safe and in compliance with NFPA-25 (National Fire Protection Association’s maintenance requirement of the Building Owner), building owners are responsible for ensuring that water-filled systems maintain a minimum temperature of 40°F (4°C), and that all systems are protected from pipe freeze.

This requirement exists for a reason: pipe freeze in a wet or dry fire sprinkler system puts people and properties at risk of life safety compromise, discharge,  system repair, downtime, interruption, remediation and restoration costs.

Frustrated with guesswork, we conceived and patented our Salamander Reservoirs for wet and dry fire sprinkler systems. Uncompromising on life safety measures and the NFPA code, our solutions utilize real-time data from within fire sprinkler systems to alert to vulnerabilities before they become failures. 

Today, Salamander Reservoirs have been deployed throughout the United States and Canada, connecting and protecting wet and dry life safety fire sprinkler systems from the dangers of pipe freeze.

I invite you to join us on our mission to get connected and stay protected-

The Salamander Solution: Protection by Connection

Our Team

Jonathan Epstein, Salamander in Chief

Jonathan Epstein

James N. Seip

James N. Seip


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Theodore Wills, Jr.

Strategic Advisor

Anchor Fire Protection, Current At-Large Director and former Chairman of the Board of the American Fire Sprinkler Association (ASFA)