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The JTJ Tech story begins with a half-century of combined commercial property ownership, management and construction expertise across the eastern United States. And, like thousands of building owners and property managers with fire sprinkler systems in cold weather climates, we were diligent about our heating sprinkler rooms and unoccupied, vulnerable areas to reduce the risk of pipe freeze.

However, even with all possible precautions in place, the threat of pipe freeze remained a looming concern. So, we used to overheat rooms, attics, suites, stairways and vestibules because we didn’t know when a system’s water temperature might be at risk of freezing. We would also try to quell our ‘nervous energy’ about remote properties with site visits, just to make sure any vulnerable areas were protected. Better safe than sorry, right?

To that effect, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) code mandates that the building owner is responsible for ensuring that water-filled systems maintain a minimum temperature of 40°F (4°C), and that all systems are protected from pipe freeze.

Pipe freeze in fire sprinkler systems compromise the lives and safety of a building’s occupants. Additionally, pipe freeze often includes major costs and inconveniences, including downtime, repair, interruption, remediation and restoration.

Nationwide, millions of dollars and countless energy resources are deployed annually trying to protect areas from pipe freeze based upon projected or assumed conditions of weather and air temperature – what a waste!

Instead of relying on guesswork, we designed and patented the Salamander Reservoir and Control System for wet fire protection systems. Without compromising on the NFPA code or life safety, our method uses real-time data from within a sprinkler system to alert to – and potentially resolve – pipe freeze compromise scenarios.

Very soon after, and based upon market and industry feedback, we designed a Salamander Reservoir and Control System for dry, interlocking and pre-action systems which also uses real-time data from within these types of sprinkler systems to alert to potential pipe freeze compromise scenarios. 

We are proud to have Salamander Reservoirs deployed throughout the United States and Canada, protecting various asset types and we look forward to an opportunity to protect and connect your life safety fire sprinkler systems! 

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Jonathan Epstein


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Chairman of the Board and At-Large Director of the  American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA)