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Fire sprinkler systems protect the life and safety of building occupants. Compromised systems put the life and safety of people in danger and the property at risk of significant damage and downtime.

The Salamander Reservoir connects and protects the life-safety systems that protect people and property.

Like thousands of other property managers and owners of sprinklered facilities in cold climates, we heated our sprinkler rooms and other unoccupied sprinklered areas to reduce the risk of pipe freeze. Nationwide, millions of dollars and countless energy resources are being deployed to protect these areas upon projected conditions of weather and air temperature – what a waste!

Instead of relying on guesswork, we designed and patented the
Salamander Reservoir and Control System for wet fire protection systems. This solution is the first — and only — method to alert and initialize heat in selected areas when the water conditions inside a wet sprinkler system start to get cold.

Based upon market and industry feedback, we adapted our design and technologies for 
dry, interlocking and pre-action systems: a Salamander Reservoir that alerts to the presence of moisture.

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Jonathan Epstein


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Chairman of the Board and At-Large Director of the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA)