Salamander on Auxiliary Drain

While there are many ways to install a versatile Salamander Reservoir on a dry fire sprinkler system, the following illustrates a typical installation at a drum drip / auxiliary drain.
It is important that any installation be done by a qualified professional, and that all modifications to the system be done with the approval from a design engineer. 
We recommend installing Salamander Reservoirs at each low-point drain (drum drip or auxiliary drain) to detect accumulation of water from condensation within the dry fire system. As shown in the photo, Salamander Reservoirs should be installed above the bottom condensate relief valve to detect the first amounts of condensation accumulation in the drum drip.
Additionally, Salamander Reservoirs can be installed between the Dry Pipe Valve and the first dry sprinkler head to serve as early detection of a potential compromise within or after the Dry Pipe Valve assembly.