An Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) plays an important role in the approvals and inspections of fire sprinkler systems. AHJs should be aware of the following, with regard to Salamander Reservoirs on a fire life safety system:

  1. Salamander Reservoirs are not substitutes for ordinary system maintenance as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Salamander customers are obligated to regularly inspect and maintain their life safety fire sprinkler systems, including their Salamander components.
  2. Salamander Reservoirs are auxiliary devices designed to monitor the internal conditions within fire life safety systems.
  3. Salamander Reservoirs must be installed by licensed professionals in accordance with the documentation provided by JTJ Tech, LLC and in accordance with applicable governmental approvals.
  4. Owners and managers requesting approval to install Salamander Reservoirs are taking voluntary, proactive steps beyond existing code requirements to ensure that the life safety measures in place are working as designed, keeping their occupants protected and safe.
  5. Owners and managers requesting approval to install Salamander Reservoirs are also protecting their properties against pipe freeze, discharge and associated repair, downtime, remediation and restoration costs.
  6. By reducing the risks of pipe freeze, Salamander customers are also reducing the risk of false alarms, freeze-based discharges (as opposed to fire-based discharges) and subsequent dispatches to emergency personnel and first responders who may be needed at a real emergency.

“In my professional opinion, as both the Fire Marshall and Building Code Official, the Salamander solution was in an intriguing, innovative way to address an issue for the fire sprinkler industry: freeze-related system failures.

…I found the system performance to be impressive. The data collected by your system, along with the technology used to transmit the data, clearly provides a fire protection system owner with a powerful tool to be used to protect systems from freeze-related compromise or damage. The addition of the design professional’s seal on the Salamander Reservoir’s engineered drawings provides an added level of validity to your system’s design.

… I look forward to seeing this system prevent future fire sprinkler system failures” John G. Frantz, CFEI, BCO, Fire Marshal, Building Code Official, South Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania