Salamander Reservoir in a

Wet Fire Sprinkler System

An independent, innovative, wireless, real-time, Internet of Things (IoT) solution designed to monitor and alert to potential compromises within new or existing wet fire sprinkler systems.

in the riser

Salamander Reservoir: On The Riser

The reservoirs are sized proportionately to the size of the riser pipe and can be installed with a tee fitting or by wet tap with a saddle.


Salamander Reservoir: At Remote Locations

Reservoirs can be installed simply with tee fittings at strategic or remote locations prone to freezing such as the end of the line, vestibules and the like.

Salamander control system

The temperature probe inside the Salamander Reservoir integrates wirelessly with the Salamander Controller to continually monitor the system’s internal water temperature.

The Controller uses the real-time data from within the system to resolve and alert to potential pipe freeze conditions before they happen.

If the system’s internal water temperature drops below the predetermined setpoint…

low temperature
Salamander Control System: Low Temp Detect (email alert)
Salamander Control System: Low Temp Detect (text alert)

The Salamander Controller begins a two-step process of notification and resolution.

initialize local heat source(s)
Salamander Control System: Heating Initialized (mail alert)

Heating remains initialized until the desired temperature of the internal water within the system has been achieved.

Salamander Control System: System Restore (mail alert)
Salamander Control System: System Restore (text alert)

Notification of low temperature and heating initialization to designated parties by SMS and e-mail. Notifications continue until issues have been resolved or that further action is necessary.