IoT: Internet of Things

Great Question.. We hear a lot about IoT, and AI, and this post is to show what it is, and how it’s relevant.

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It’s a general term for the network of internet-connected devices that can talk to, and send data, to each other. For example, a vending machine equipped with the right IoT sensors would notice that it’s running low on Snickers bars but has plenty of Doritos. The vending machine sensor would be able to send that information to the fulfillment company and make sure that Doritos don’t get added to the next order, but that Snickers do. no human involvement (with the exception of driving and stocking).

This saves time, effort and energy.

Much like the Salamander Reservoir takes data from inside your life safety sprinkler system and alerts ownership and management of problems before they arise!