Eric Reis - The Lean Startup book cover

The Lean Startup by @EricRies has an exercise called the “5 Whys” to be asked to get to the root of a problem. For example, after a pipe freeze event you could ask questions like:

  1. Why did the sprinkler pipe freeze?
    > Because the sprinkler room was at a below-freezing temperature.
  2. Why was the sprinkler room allowed to get to a below-freezing temperature?
    > Because the maintenance man was in there on Friday, and when he left the door didn’t close all the way.
  3. Why didn’t the door close all the way?
    > Because the cold temperatures mis-aligned the door to the sprinkler room.
  4. Why didn’t the local heating prevent a pipe freeze?
    > It tried, but the heat couldn’t keep up with the heat loss from the door being open.
  5. Why weren’t we alerted about this until after the pipe was frozen?
    > Because we didn’t have a Salamander Reservoir on the system.

The book does say that mistakes can be tolerated if there is a learning, but there is not tolerance for making the same mistake twice. So, get connected & protected with a Salamander Reservoir today!

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